Anthony Andrew Richardson

Anthony Andrew Richardson Nunez, age 26, of Tucson, Arizona passed away October 29, 2021 in Phoenix, Arizona. Anthony was born November 6, 1994 and is survived by his daughter Ariel, the Richardson family, the Oscislawski family, and the Nunez family.


Anthony loved his daughter Ariel with all his soul and spoke of her everyday. He was known for being the life of the party, a risk taker, and the person who would bring the laughter to any occasion. Because of his love for his family and friends, he could be seen frequently traveling between Tucson and Phoenix visiting.


Anthony was passionate about creating music, using music through the hard time, and inspiring others with his art. Anthony never held back when it came to living life and it was evident in how he lived each day to the fullest.


A Celebration of Life will be held at Richardson Park (3535 West Green Trees Drive, Tucson, Arizona 85741) following Anthony's service.