Robert Shepard

Obituary of Robert Lee Shepard

We are celebrating the life of Robert Lee Shepard, who was one of the sweetest, kindest and humblest men ever known. 


Commonly known as Bob, he was born, in Phoenix Arizona, to Goldie Marie(d). and James Austin Shepard(d.), on August 8, 1942.  He is preceded in death by his mother, Goldie, his father, James, and also by his step father- Herschell William Breeding.


Bob was loved and treasured by his family who also called him Bobby,  Bro, Cane Walker, Daddy, Pawpaw – and even, “Refried Monkey’s Uncle!”   


His surviving and preceding siblings are Rosalie (Billy Bob(d)) Briggs

William Breeding; Linda(d) Lough(Warren); John (Debbie) Breeding  and

Noel Breeding.


Bob’s surviving and preceding children are Sharon Noel (Randy); James Bryan(d); David Wayne(d), and Donna Marie-d) as well as grandchildren – Mark, Paul, Sedonia, Matthew, Keith and David Jr.


Grand sons, Paul and Mark were especially close to Bob, and they dubbed him with the name of “Pawpaw!” 


Bob is preceded in death by Elma Shepard(d), who bore his 4 children; survived by Flora Schech (partner of many years) and her children, Charles, David and Lorraine.  Bob is also preceded in death by his partner of 10 years, Kathy-Lynn Chiapuzzi (d).  Bob and Kathy Lynn shared being blind, their love of music, and particularly their love of the Continental Baptist Church Family and JESUS!  


Shep is survived and preceded by loving grandparents (he was especially close to his maternal grandparents, Myrtle Goldie and Chester Arthur Schach), aunts (his Aunt Lee nicknamed him Shep), uncles, nephews, nieces, cousins (in childhood, he was especially close to Martha), and other loved ones, including a niece who owned a big piece of his heart (Sandra Lee Briggs) – and of whom named him “Refried Monkey’s Uncle!”.


Bob’s family, Pastor Mike and his family, and the entire Continental Baptist Church Family  as well as many dear friends will miss Bob, yet know he is in Paradise and they will see him again some glorious day!


Bob was blinded at the tender age of one year, and he never allowed his blindness to get in his way.  He was always determined, positive and preserving.


Bob was adventurous and sometimes daring!   He played the saxophone for many years and went down the Grand Canyon trail on a donkey.


He went to the Arizona Deaf and Blind School until his senior year and then insisted on graduating from a public school.  He participated on the Wrestling Team and graduated from Pueblo High School in Tucson, AZ.


He talked often about when his eldest daughter, Sharon (whom he called Sassy) was a tiny tot, he would carry her on his shoulder, and she would be his guide.


Bob loved the Lord, was a member of Continental Baptist Church (CBC), he hosted the Men’s Bible Study and participated in GROW Outreach.  Bob often talked very lovingly spoke about Pastor Mike and the CBC family.

He thoroughly enjoyed regular visitation from  church members, Barbara Tomlinson and Candance Daugherty.  He also had a very special friendship with Heather Grissinger and he even taught her braille!


Bob got the nickname, Cane Walker from his bonus brother, Warner (Lawrence Warren Lough) as they enjoyed long walks and shared the love of Blue Grass, Country and Gospel music.


Everywhere Bob went, he made friends and all loved him for his quiet peaceful, good natured demeanor, as well as his perky sense of humor.  


Bob met Velia at CBC, she became his hair dresser and they developed a precious friendship – they would laugh, sing, dance in the hair shop, many good meals shared, visits, and lots of smiles.


Bob (and Noel) were regulars at HN Nail Shop and the four ladies who work there (Kim, Linda, Hoa & Mai) adored Bob as they became very close friends.  The nail shop ladies would always have special treats for Bob and they (and all the customers) would always light up as Bob entered the shop!


Bob also developed a very close relationship with the manager at the apartment where he and Noel resided.  Silvia and Bob shared close birthdates and over the last few years, shared cake and celebrated together! 


Bob’s audiologist, Dr. Adrianna Sanchez and Bob hit it off from the start.  Dr. Sanchez loved Bob’s sense of humor, and how he always dressed so sharply!  She was particularly fond of Bob’s teal shirt and she wore teal in his honor when she learned he had passed on to Glory Land!  Bob admired Dr. Sanchez as a great physician and also a dear friend.


Bob loved unconditionally and completely without prejudice, he loved only straight from his heart.   He was strong yet gentle, forgiving, humble, sweet, kind, and taught us all so much about being a godly and good person. 


Leading up to Bob’s passing, he had an elongated illness and ICU hospitalization, but he remained positive always and said several times how happy he was that he got to spend Christmas 2022 with his daughter, Sharon, son in law, Randy and grandson, Paul, in Louisiana.  I know that was a treasured memory he will have forever. 


During Bob’s final days, as he struggled with medical issues, he would say, I will either “Win” or I will “Win-Win.” 


Pastor Mike, Heather, his brother/John, Bonus Sister/Debbie and Sister/Noel were with Bob in his final hours, and we can assure you his final promotion to Heaven just as he lived – calmly, quietly and peacefully.  

It was undoubtedly a “Win-Win” for Bob!


If we listen closely, we can hear Bob saying in his ever so gentle voice, “I’ll see you all in the funny papers!  Remember, I am now sleeping with God’s Angels… and, as a believer in Christ, to die is gain!”

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